Saturday, April 12, 2014

Week 10: Navy & White Stripes

Only 2 outfit photos this week! These are the only two outfits from the week that I liked anyways--I love me some stripes. It's the end of week 10, and (knock on wood) I'm feeling pretty good. I finished my crisis training on Friday and completed a major paper and presentation for one of my classes, so it was a productive week. My skin started to flare up because of stress the other week, so I've been trying to take better care of myself. I recently learned that bananas are a natural beta blocker, so I've been eating a banana a day. I also went on several walks this week after class because the sun is staying up longer and I've been making more of an effort to cook, all of which has been great for relieving some of my stress. 

#1: Talbots boat neck tee, J. Crew matchstick cords, Onecklace monogram necklace
#2: Merona boatneck tee,  fan fringe necklace knock-off, Paige denim, Sperry for J. Crew Top-siders

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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Week 9: Button Downs

Week 9 ended up being tough, and it was also a 5 day school week because we had part 1 of PREPaRE training on Friday (and part 2 next week). Basically it is a protocol for how school personnel should respond to a school crisis of any kind--from natural disasters to intruders on campus, etc. During the training we talked about two recent local tragic student deaths and how the schools handled it through their PREPaRE training (the incidents were so sad to listed to). Later that day I watched the news and I saw two more local school crises--one was a Santa Monica high school teacher/gym coach who apparently confronted a student about selling drugs and it turned into a classroom scuffle when the student hit the teacher and the teacher then wrestled the student on the floor. The other was a middle school girl from Westminster. During a police car chase the suspect ended up broad-siding the car she was in. The girl died and the people in the car are seriously injured. A memorial for the girl was built at the accident sad. I'm glad to take part in the training and learn more about my response role during times such as these. Mental health professionals are so important to have in schools, and trainings such as this is a very valuable resource.    

#1: Lands' End Canvas striped oxford shirt, ON jeans, Target belt
#2: Lands' End Canvas striped oxford shirt, BR trouser jeans, Lands' End Canvas cardigan

#3: Lands' End Canvas plaid shirt, J. Crew tee & belt, Paige denim
#4: Lands' End Canvas oxford shirt, ON tee & jeans
#5: Lands' End Canvas shirt & cardigan, Groopdealz necklace, J. Crew belt, Paige denim

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Week 8: Where's the Break in Spring Break?

So although this past week was Spring Break, I am sad to say that there really was no break for me. I did sleep in a few days and prepared a couple of good meals, so that felt nice to do. I continue to be amazed at just how fast each day seems to go by. It's a reminder that time is so precious.

#1: Anne Klein blazer (thrifted), ON tee & necklace, Paige denim (thrifted)
#2: Gap shirt, Target tee
#3: Gap outlet scarf, Lands' End Canvas sweater, ON jeans

One thing that I am really happy to have accomplished this week is having secured a school district to do my practicum (fieldwork) in. It's a relief to know that I'll be in a district that will be very accommodating and supportive of my needs! While we don't have to officially start our fieldwork until the beginning of the next school year, I am considering starting over the summer in a preschool placement because they have a year long program, and then once the school year starts I'll transition into a secondary school placement. Of course it's overwhelming just to think about it at this point, but I'm excited to eventually start working in schools again and have the opportunity to be mentored. 

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Week 7: Made it to Spring Break

I finally made it to a much needed Spring Break! I have a long list of things that I need to accomplish while I'm off, but I am hoping to also sneak in some opportunities for self care as well. I started my first day of Spring Break by sleeping in this morning! 

#1: Tory Burch blazer (thrifted), J. Crew Factory shirtdress (thrifted), J. Crew belt, handmade necklace
#2: top from Marshalls, Paige denim (thrifted), J. Crew cardigan
#1: J. Crew silk shell, Lands' End Heritage cardigan, J. Crew belt, ON jeans
#2: Merona denim shirt, J. Crew Factory straight and narrow denim

Next week I am very excited to meet with the lead school psychologist at the district I plan on doing my practicum (field work) at next school year. I have 10 years of experience working with elementary school students, but none working with middle school or high school students. So next school year I am planning on working with older students, and hopefully gain more experience with specific populations such as those classified as having emotional disturbance or autism. I'm looking forward to learning more about the possible placement opportunities that will available to me.

In addition to that, I have an interview with a director of a local mental health agency for a class paper, I need to accomplish a whole lot on my first year research paper, I'm working on a group project and paper on zero tolerance policies, I need to catch up on my course reading, and I have my second cognitive assessment to give. I keep reminding myself that it will all get done somehow!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Week 6: Keep Going!

So this is the week where things start to get really tough! At this point in the semester I'm starting to feel overwhelmed as due dates loom near. I have to keep reminding myself that just like last semester, everything will somehow get done. Sometimes it is discouraging to feel like you are constantly working hard and the work load doesn't seem to get any lighter despite your best effort. I'm also struggling to understand some concepts right now, so I have to work extra harder on those things (right now it's interpreting cognitive assessment stats knowledge is not the best!). This is kinda what life looks like right now:

I'm writing a paper on academic motivation while trying to keep mine going. 

I've had to rely on my formula of jeans + shirt + Sperry Topsiders to get dressed. It makes the perfect outfit combo because it's easy and comfortable! I was in such a rush on Monday that I didn't take a photo (it was nothing special, trust me).

#1: J. Crew Factory shrunken Fisherman sweater, BR gingham shirt (thrifted), ON jeans
#2: LL Bean shirt, Paige denim (thrifted)
#3: BR linen shirt (thrifted), ON jeans, Sperry Topsider boat shoes for J. Crew

I'm so thankful to have Fridays off. I'm trying to cook at least once a week (boiling pasta and adding sauce doesn't count!), so today I made a pretty tasty and simple chicken pot pie. I cooked a package of chicken, defrosted a bag of frozen mixed veggies, and stirred in a can of cream of chicken. I didn't want to make a crust, so I used a box of Trader Joe's cornbread mix instead and just poured it on top. It turned out so good! I think I prefer the cornbread crust over using a pie crust. 


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Friday, March 07, 2014

Week 5: Pin and Go

Because this is week 5, a lot of my assignments are starting to really build up and I'm finding that my time is becoming more compressed. Stressing out about what to wear is something that I just can't do right now! I've been relying more on Pinterest lately for inspiration to put together cute outfits with items that I already have in my closet. I've also been putting my hair back every day's quick & no fuss.

Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, J. Crew blazer, Banana Republic silk top, Target necklace
Pin found here
Tory Burch striped blazer (thrifted), J. Crew Factory straight & narrow jean, Lands' End scarf
Pin found here, source here
#1: Banana Republic wool blazer, Old Navy jeans, Gap blouse, gifted pashmina
#2: Lands' End canvas top, knock-off J. Crew fan fringe necklace, Sperry Topsider boat shoes, Paige denim (thrifted)

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Week 4: Way Behind

As much as I enjoyed going to D.C. last week (and I definitely don't regret it!), I'm much more behind in my work than what I'd like to be. Only a handful of students in my cohort went to the convention last week and the rest of my classmates got the week off to catch up and get ahead on things (I'm kinda jealous). I'm mostly worried about my research paper since I decided last minute to change my topic. I much prefer my new topic, but I need to gather more research and really get a lot done this weekend! The other thing that is going on is that I am learning how to give my first cognitive assessment, and I'm administering it to my cousin next weekend. There are a lot of rules and specifics I have to learn, and although we have been practicing in class and I will practice more this weekend, it is a little nerve wracking because we have to film the session so that our professor can determine our proficiency. Of course there is plenty more, but these are the top two things on my mind for the week.

Monday: ON jeans, BR sweater, Sperry Topsider for J. Crew boat shoes
Tuesday: Liberty of London for Target top, BR trouser pant, LE heritage cardigan, Bass necklace

Wednesday: Gap jacket (thrifted), J. Crew tartan boy shirt, Paige denim (thrifted), LE boots
Thursday: Talbots top, J. Crew velvet schoolboy blazer

Since it's the end of the month, I'm happy to report that I did not make any clothing purchases in February. However, I did end up purchasing a new MacBook Pro just the other day. I've had my old one for about six years, and it was about time for a new one. I'm really happy to have a new laptop, but it's always hard to see so much money go! 

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